When God is slowly healing your 3 year old from croup

JP, our resident almost-four-year-old, has had croup for the last four days. We’ve been praying with him a lot for healing, for sleep, for the coughs to go away. We’ve been saying things like “God, you know what’s going on in his body; please heal him. You are the great physician. It’s in your nature to heal. Please heal him! Give him sleep!”

Last night, while Eric was tucking him into bed:

JP: I feel a little bit better, Dad.
Dad: God is healing you!
JP: I think it’s the humidifier.

Missing Christmas 2015

Happy Croup-mas!

A few days ago, while I was giving my last piano lessons of 2015, my oldest son, JP, was getting sick. At 5pm, when I had a break in lessons and was making him a grilled cheese sandwich, he waited for it resting his head on his arms at the table.

Later, we took his temperature with 4 year old thermometers. One said 99, one said 101. We then vowed to get new thermometers. Either way, he was feeling lousy. He slept through the night but woke up the next day with croup. You know, those barky, dry coughs?

Steamy bathroom. Pushing fluids. He coughed all day. Wednesday.

He coughed all day Thursday. More steamed bathrooms. More fluids. I took him on a midnight drive “to look at Christmas lights”. Really, so he would be distracted while breathing in the cold, winter air while I drove around with the windows open.

That was Christmas eve. By then, we had told our family that we wouldn’t be joining them for Christmas brunch and the gift exchange. Three cousins were not in good places to potentially get a respiratory illness.

He coughed all day Friday, Christmas Day. I was up several times in the night with a cough-y preschooler and a nursing newborn. I ended up “sleeping-in” until noon. Though I’d like to make the argument that when you go to bed around 1am, are up at 4am for an hour and a half, then up again at 8am for about an hour, it might not be sleeping-in so much as… sleeping?

And now it’s Boxing Day (because I am Canadian) and JP is still sick. And we’re hoping tomorrow (tonight, today, right now!) there is turning point in the croup and the coughs settle down.

How did you spend Christmas week 2015?

How our MOPS group made over $500 in less than 5 hours

Our intense theme this year.

Last night our MOPS group had a successful fundraiser.

We made over $500.

This is how we did it.

It was a babysitting night. Our host church lets us use their building for free, giving us access to a gym (with ride-on toys!), the kitchen, foyer and nurseries.

We advertise through a Facebook event, encouraging all the MOPS moms to invite, invite, invite.

The event in itself takes about four and a half hours. Man-power was about 10 moms per two-hour shift.

This doesn’t come naturally to me.

A majority of the families RSVPed on Facebook so we had a good idea of how many kids we would have. We suggested a donation of $10/kid. They could drop off their children as early as 6pm and pick them up by 10pm. (Interestingly, the last family to pick up their kids last night was at 9:40pm–so we were able to have the church cleaned up and be out of there by 10pm!)

The MOPS moms have three ways they can choose to help with this fundraiser:

-taking a two-hour babysitting shift
-providing snacks for the kids and moms
-dropping off their kids, donating to MOPS and going on a date night (or Christmas shopping or house cleaning)

We only need to do two or three fundraisers a year because this one goes so well.

A successful fundraiser with minimal planning and no overhead cost!
A successful fundraiser with minimal planning and no overhead cost!


Would this fundraiser work for your MOPS group, moms group, mission trip, etc? What group fundraisers have you done that were successful–or not?


The one where I write my first blog post

Just minutes old.
Just minutes old.

Here is the newest addition to our family. Dear JA was born on October 15, 2015.





As a newbie into the world of blogging I am a bit overwhelmed. I have been reading “the greats” in the blogging world for years now.

Joshua Becker
Pioneer Woman
Jen Hatmaker
Tsh Oxenreider
Michael Hyatt
Crystal Paine

I am trying to tell myself to be INSPIRED by their work and their blogs and not overwhelmed. Because at the end of the day they are just moms and dads doing this thing.

Just a mom, learning how to blog and add pictures to her posts.
Just a mom, learning how to blog and add pictures to her posts.







I define inspired as not just a feeling, but actually causing me to act. So, dear great bloggers, you have inspired me.

Anytime I read their blog posts about blogging the general theme is–I started small, really, really small and worked really hard for a long time.

Okay, so I can do the same. I can start really small.

And I’ll learn along the way.

I want to show you pictures of my kids. Not everyone in my life has Facebook (what what?) but everyone has the internet, so this is for you, Dad.

Big brother asks multiple times each day to hold him.
Big brother asks multiple times each day to hold him.






Here I try to end this blog post with a metaphor of my son being new to the world and figuring it out slowly as I am new to the world of blogging and figure it out slowly.

I’m not even sure if you can comment. But, if you can, please tell me: What was you experience like when you first started blogging?