How our MOPS group made over $500 in less than 5 hours

Our intense theme this year.

Last night our MOPS group had a successful fundraiser.

We made over $500.

This is how we did it.

It was a babysitting night. Our host church lets us use their building for free, giving us access to a gym (with ride-on toys!), the kitchen, foyer and nurseries.

We advertise through a Facebook event, encouraging all the MOPS moms to invite, invite, invite.

The event in itself takes about four and a half hours. Man-power was about 10 moms per two-hour shift.

This doesn’t come naturally to me.

A majority of the families RSVPed on Facebook so we had a good idea of how many kids we would have. We suggested a donation of $10/kid. They could drop off their children as early as 6pm and pick them up by 10pm. (Interestingly, the last family to pick up their kids last night was at 9:40pm–so we were able to have the church cleaned up and be out of there by 10pm!)

The MOPS moms have three ways they can choose to help with this fundraiser:

-taking a two-hour babysitting shift
-providing snacks for the kids and moms
-dropping off their kids, donating to MOPS and going on a date night (or Christmas shopping or house cleaning)

We only need to do two or three fundraisers a year because this one goes so well.

A successful fundraiser with minimal planning and no overhead cost!
A successful fundraiser with minimal planning and no overhead cost!


Would this fundraiser work for your MOPS group, moms group, mission trip, etc? What group fundraisers have you done that were successful–or not?


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